Sound Solutions that Resonate


Daryoush Allaei

Founder of QRDC, Dr. Allaei brings over 25 years of research and development and business experience to the team. He has provided the technical innovation and business leadership through fifteen years of funded research and development that led to several technological and product breakthroughs. He received his Ph.D., MSME and BSME degrees from Purdue University in the field of mechanics with his doctoral emphasis on Systems Dynamics and Structural Dynamics. His technical expertise is in dynamics systems with emphasis on vibration, shock, acoustic and noise control. He was a professor or adjunct professor at the University of Mississippi, Mankato State University, and Iowa State University. Dr. Allaei is a leader in the study and application of smart structures and vibration control. He is the inventor of the Vibration Control by Confinement and Energy Flow Control concepts, which address vibration and noise control problems in a very favorable performance to cost ratio. His accomplishments in this field include over 85 national and international publications, numerous speaking engagements at conferences and workshops, Chair position at several conference sessions, nine USA patents with internationals pending and several pending or in-preparation patents, and over 10 technology awards and grants totaling about $8,000,000 from the U.S. government. Dr. Allaei is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Dr. Allaei is a registered Professional Engineer and Certified Manufacturing Engineer.


David Tarnowski

Dave earned his BS degree in Physics from the University of Minnesota and an AAS in Sound and Vibration Technology from Hutchinson Technical College. He specializes in vibration analysis, laboratory testing, and finite element analysis. He has extensive experience with vibration-based monitoring systems and FEM modeling and analysis. He is currently heading our commercialization efforts and has successfully applied QRDC’s services to several Minnesota companies. Mr. Tarnowski authored over twenty publications, more than half of which are on the subject of vibration energy management. He has worked on military programs related to attack helicopters, E2C aircraft, optimization of air filter for ground vehicles, and noise reduction in Army command shelters. The commercial applications he has investigated include machine tools, electronic enclosures, and building construction materials.


Ryan Wartman

Ryan earned his Bachelors of Science degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in May of 2003. He has four years experience with vibration control techniques, mainly from his employment with QRDC beginning in 2003. Engineering work experience has included developing a solution for reducing the sound transmission in an Army HMMWV, fabricating and testing a material separation system based on novel vibration amplifying techniques, and leading a project dedicated to providing a fatigue life prediction model for lead-free printed circuit boards to the Navy.

Allen Arndt

Allen received his BSME from University of Minnesota in 1965. He has held various engineering and management positions at Lockheed Martin from 1957 to 2001. His last position was Chief Mechanical Engineer for the Q-70 program at Lockheed Martin. Mr. Arndt has been involved in several key military programs including AEGIS Q-70 Display Consoles, TRIDENT submarine Disk File, CP-2044 Computer for the P3 Aircraft, and SQS-53 C Sonar to name a few. He is specialized in light and heavy shock and vibration control, large-scale measurement and testing. Mr. Arndt has 6 U.S. patents in the area of vibration and shock suppression.

Asim Syed

Asim earned his MS degree from The University of Dayton, OH in 2001 and BS degree from Osmania University, India in 1998. His master’s research includes extensive work on “Active Control of Sound Using Feedback Control Technique”. The proposed feedback-controller ‘Active Helmholtz Resonator’ was demonstrated through numerical and experimental illustrations and has wide industrial and commercial applications including automotive industry. He has broad experience in using commercial solid modeling and finite element software and good hand on structural and acoustic analysis. Mr. Syed has an extensive background in experimental testing for both vibration and acoustic applications. He has worked on smart mount for E2C aircraft, design and development of Smart Screen System using smart motor, attack helicopters, and transmission loss through windows.