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Steps to do Business

Steps to do business with QRDC, Inc.

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1. Contact the services department. You may do so via email, fax 952-556-5206, or phone 952-556-5205. Please provide the following information when you contact us.

  1. Point of Contact (Name, title, phone, email of the person in charge of the project)
  2. Name, address, phone, fax, and web site of your organization
  3. A brief description of your project and issues that you need our services for
  4. A schedule and delivery timetable
  5. An estimated budget, if available

2. You will be contacted in two business days after the information you provided to our service department is reviewed. If the QRDC team can help your organization with the described project, we’ll move to step 3.

3. Your team has the option to visit our facility and make itself more familiar with our team and capabilities. During this visit, the project will be discussed in more detail.

4. If applicable to your project, we prepare a plan for an Assessment Phase with the following schedule and budget ranges. An Assessment Phase

  1. may take from one to four business weeks,
  2. the cost be based on our hourly rate or fixed priced,
  3. Delivery will be a short report (a few pages) summarizing the project definition as we understand it and a multi phase approach to resolve the issues of interest, and
  4. the duration and budget may depend on
    i. availability of data from customer,
    ii. number of site visits,
    iii. travel time and distance, and
    iv. complexity of the project.

5. Upon review of the summary report and approval by the customer, the QRDC team will prepare and submit a detailed single or multi-phase plan depending on the project. The plan will include statement of work (SOW), objectives and goals, tasks, schedule, and budget. It should be noted that not all projects require a multi-phase approach. Also, the customer can choose to by-pass certain phases in order to expedite the implementation of the solution. Typical phases of product development or technology customization plan may include

  1. Phase I: Modeling and Analysis of the baseline systems (current system)
  2. Phase II: Solution finding, modifications, design, and analysis
  3. Phase III: Trade-off study that includes comparing the proposed solution with the baseline solution (i.e., current system) in terms of cost, performance, and other relevant issues of interest to customers
  4. Phase IV: Small-scale prototype and tests under controlled laboratory conditions
  5. Phase V: Design and solution refinement based on the small-scale test data
  6. Phase VI: Full-scale prototype and tests under controlled laboratory conditions
  7. Phase VII: Design and solution refinement based on the full-scale test data
  8. Phase VIII: Full-scale prototype and tests under field conditions
  9. Phase IX: Design and solution refinement based on the full-scale field data
  10. Phase X: Release to customer for implementation and/or production

6. During a multi-phase plan, the QRDC team will work closely with the customer’s team in order to utilize the experience of customer’s organization in the specific application area. The strategy of working together will often shorten the length of the project and minimize the cost.

7. The duration and budget of a multi-phase plan will depend on

  1. availability of data from customer,
  2. accessibility and complexity of collecting additional data
  3. number of site visits,
  4. travel time and distance,
  5. gaps between each phase, and
  6. complexity of the project.

8. If the project is focused on the development of a new product, upgrading (or retrofitting) an existing product, or developing an upgrade kit, QRDC will be interested in negotiating a sales-based royalty fee. In such cases, a customer may receive a noticeable discount on the cost of the project. The discount will depend on the market size and royalty stream.

9. The QRDC team has used this multi-phase, low-risk approach since 1992. We have had a great success and satisfaction with this approach. In particular, the risk to customer is minimized. A customer has the right to terminate the project before entering a next phase.

10. A customer has the option to hire QRDC based on our standard commercial rates. In this case a block of hours will be allocated for a project.

Please CONTACT us for any additional information or questions.