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QRDc deliveres training seminar at John Deere, WI

Three team members made a visit to John Deere’s facility in Horicon, Wisconsin, on February 10, 2011.  During the one-day visit, CEO Daryoush Allaei spent the entire morning presenting the basics of noise and vibration to a classroom of over 30 John Deere employees.  Participants were engineers for the most part, though a shorter session was also held for members of John Deere’s management team.  Content focused on the basics of translating a real-life system into a coupled mass-spring-damper model that can then be analyzed to identify potential solutions to problems with equipment.  Scattered throughout the lectures were multiple live demonstrations of basic vibration and acoustic phenomena, including a visualization of plate mode shapes and vibrating beams that loosen and tighten bolts and nuts all by themselves.

 Participant feedback indicated that those in attendance found the material very helpful and well presented.  For questions pertaining to a personal training visit to your facility, contact us via email or call at 952-556-5205.