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Speaker Invitation to the 2010 Spring Reliability Training.

The Director of R&D at QRDc, Dr. Allaei, was an invited speaker in the 2010 Spring Reliability Training held in Minneapolis in February 2010.

The Vibration Institute, an organization for the dissemination of practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition 2010 Spring Reliability Training.


The speakers for the Vibration Institute have played an important role in the development and application of plant reliability technology and have the ability to communicate their knowledge to others. Our speakers draw their extensive industrial experience for case histories and examples to illustrate current best practices.

Dr. Daryoush Allaei - has over 25 years of research and development and business experience. Dr. Allaei has provided the technical innovation and business leadership through fifteen years of funded research and development that led to several technological and product breakthroughs. Since 1992, Dr. Allaei has founded and co-founded six companies. He currently serves as the Chairman and Director of R&D of QRDc, Inc. in Minnesota, USA.
Dr. Allaei received his Ph.D., MSME and BSME degrees from Purdue University in the field of mechanics with his doctoral emphasis on Systems and Structural Dynamics. His technical expertise is in dynamics systems with emphasis on vibration and noise control. He was a professor or adjunct professor at the University of Mississippi, Mankato State University, and Iowa State University. His engineering and scientific accomplishments in this field include over 85 national and international publications, numerous speaker invitations at conferences and workshops, Chair or Vice Chair positions at several conference sessions, fifteen (15) USA patents and nine (9) internationals patents, and over 10 technology awards and grants
totaling about $8,000,000 from the U.S. government. He was the recipient of The Technology of the Year Award in 2000, The Smart Structures & Materials Product Implementation Award in 2002, Tibbetts Award in 2002, and R&D-100 in 2004. Dr. Allaei is a member of the ASME, AIAA, SME and SAE. Dr. Allaei is a registered Professional Engineer and Certified Manufacturing Engineer.