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QRDc holds a round table on noise in medical facilities in September 2010.

Round Table: Influence of Noise and Vibration in the Healthcare Facilities

Excess noise and vibration have adverse effects on patients, staff, and profitability of healthcare facilities. They have had negative influence on patients’ overall wellbeing while they have been potential sources of distraction and fatigue for staff. Today’s medical facilities rely on high-tech imaging equipment and operating rooms that are very sensitive to floor vibrations. One of the main sources of revenue for most medical facilities depends on properly functioning imaging and operating rooms. Therefore, it has become critical to build medical facilities that can generate revenue and become profitable in the shortest period. The most cost effective methods to address these dynamic issues will be discussed. The presenters will provide information on the importance of noise and vibration, their root causes, preventive and reactive measures, and consequences of doing nothing. Floor vibrations in imaging areas and operating rooms in a hospital will be discussed.

1. Learn how important noise and vibration are to your customers, patients, and staff.
2. Learn how reduced noise and vibration could be a cost reduction measure resulting in increased profit.
3. Understand the preventive and reactive measures and their influence on healthcare facilities.
4. Acquire cost effective ways to address these dynamic issues.

• Dr. Daryoush Allaei, Director of R&D, QRDC, Inc.
• Jon C. Scholz
• David Tarnowski, VP of Operations, QRDC, Inc.